What a blessing Murrells Inlet has been in the lives of many. Families and fishermen alike have been experiencing the salty nostalgia that permeates this friendly historical community. Strolling among moss draped oaks shadowing the warm summer days… feeling the crisp crunch of oyster shells beneath sandaled feet… inhaling the swirling aromas of salt marsh and seafood while high tides gently lap against the boardwalk… hearing the far off cry of gulls blowing in from the sea, blending harmoniously with the season’s first chords of beach music… Nothing could be finer than to be in this part of Carolina! What a blessing! A blessing to be shared and to be celebrated. Hence, the birth of the first Blessing of the Inlet.

The concept was conceived by a Sunday school class and fully realized by Belin Memorial United Methodist Church in April of 1997. The focus was all about giving a little back of what God had given us, so we could give to others and have FUN, FOOD, and CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP. The emphasis of the day is the actual Blessing Service on the creek side of Belin Church. The Reverend Dr. Mike Alexander, Jr. will be performing the ceremony; asking the Lord to bless our beautiful inlet community. The first year, however, fell short of our goals due to devastating cold wind driven rains that sent the festival into the sanctuary. Our plan was derailed but not God’s. We were humbled, but He was glorified! Little did we realize at the time, that He was laying a spiritual foundation that would far surpass our original goals. God has revealed to us that the weather does not dictate the success of the Blessing of the Inlet. He does. This year marks our 21st year, and we anticipate another day filled with God’s glory. We hope that your time spent with us will be one filled with memories that you will be able to reflect on for years to come. And as we taste and see God’s goodness all around, let us reach out to one another with compassion and love praising our heavenly Father from whom all blessings do flow! 


May all of the glory go to God! 
- Blessing of the Inlet Committee


Blessing of the Inlet is hosted by Belin Memorial United Methodist Church